On the market since 1985

Thir­ty-five years ago, weko Phar­ma laun­ched a small ran­ge of high-qua­li­ty her­bal tea blends on the mar­ket and soon sup­plied phar­maci­es and con­su­mer mar­kets throughout Ger­ma­ny and Austria.

From the­se hum­ble begin­nings, the com­pa­ny deve­lo­ped over the years into a suc­cess­ful niche spe­cia­list and com­pe­tent con­ta­ct per­son for the modern health­ca­re market.

Today, weko Phar­ma pres­ents its­elf with a balan­ced port­fo­lio of inno­va­ti­ve own brands and sales pro­ducts such as the phar­ma­cy-exclu­si­ve COVID-19 CORONA rapid tests

Bio­Credit COVID-19 Ag Anti­gen, PZN 167 08 876

Bio­Credit COVID-19 lgM/IgG Duo Anti­bo­dy, PZN 167 08 847



“Not the big ones eat the little ones…but the fast the slow.”


We always see glo­bal pan­de­mics such as Coro­na, chan­ging trends, chan­ges in buy­er beha­viour or new struc­tures in the health­ca­re sec­tor as a new oppor­tu­ni­ty for our com­pa­ny and you, our customers.

Tog­e­ther with us, you will con­quer new mar­ket seg­ments and trust in our many years of experience.

Trust binds

Tra­di­tio­nal­ly, weko pro­ducts are pro­du­ced from high-qua­li­ty, natu­ral ingredients/materials.

In other words, what has beco­me incre­a­singly important for the end user in recent years has been prac­ti­ced in our pro­ducts from the very beginning.

Ori­gi­nal­ly desi­gned for the niche mar­ket, many of our inno­va­tions deve­lo­ped into true “per­ma­nent bur­ners”, which are now indis­pensable in the market.

We always see the health and con­fi­dence of end-users as our task and our pri­ma­ry goal.

Partners for the
pharmaceutical trade

The mar­ket for health pro­ducts has been under­go­ing a major trans­for­ma­ti­on for years. The clas­sic sepa­ra­ti­on bet­ween phar­ma­cy and drugs­to­re is disap­pearing more and more. New, chan­ged mar­kets will emer­ge. Tog­e­ther with our part­ners, we will meet the­se chal­len­ges. Your and our expe­ri­ence in the mar­ket, attrac­ti­ve pro­ducts as well as acti­ve sup­port in sales form a solid basis for this.

Always one step ahead is the mot­to. Secu­re sta­ble mar­kets, find niches, iden­ti­fy and expand new oppor­tu­nities in the mar­ket, sei­ze growth oppor­tu­nities and act fle­xi­b­ly. Take advan­ta­ge of the growth poten­ti­al in the new health­ca­re market.

Partner for national
and international trade

The health­ca­re mar­ket is rede­fi­ning its­elf every day. Trends are crea­ted and needs are chan­ged. Reco­gnis­ing the­se chan­ges at an ear­ly sta­ge is now one of the most important tasks in tra­de. It is important to always act with expe­ri­ence and fore­sight. With weko as a strong manu­fac­tu­rer and tra­ding part­ner, the deve­lo­p­ment and imple­men­ta­ti­on of new pro­ducts then beco­mes a for­ma­li­ty. Our expe­ri­ence and know-how will help you!

Excel­lent pro­duct qua­li­ty and equip­ment is always the top prio­ri­ty for weko. But also in terms of logistics, hand­ling and pre­sen­ta­ti­on, the high requi­re­ments of the tra­de are met. From pro­duct deve­lo­p­ment to pro­fes­sio­nal mar­ket launch, weko always gives you full support.

Relia­bi­li­ty in all are­as of part­ners­hip is for Weko law. In addi­ti­on, we always rely on qua­li­fied, com­pe­tent sales sup­port, from acti­ve pro­duct trai­ning to effec­ti­ve adver­ti­sing at the point of sale. Take advan­ta­ge of our oppor­tu­nities right from the start, for a bet­ter posi­tio­ning in the market!

The choice of products decides

At weko Phar­ma, ever­ything is about the health and well-being of end-user cus­to­mers, but we also attach gre­at impor­t­ance to the satis­fac­tion of our tra­ding part­ners. Whe­ther for phar­maci­es or the con­su­mer mar­ket, we deli­ver solid and inno­va­ti­ve pro­ducts made to measure.

The mar­ket for health-ori­en­ted pro­ducts is gro­wing to the same extent as public health awareness.

Self-deter­mi­ned self-respon­si­ble health care is the trend of the next few years.

We have grown up with the topic of health and every day our employees deal with the impro­ve­ment of exis­ting and the deve­lo­p­ment of new pro­ducts from the­se mar­ket segments.

Of cour­se, we can­not look to the future eit­her, but tog­e­ther with our part­ners we can play an acti­ve and for­ward-loo­king role in shaping the future.

With the help of our expe­ri­ence, our crea­ti­ve pro­ducts and our stra­te­gies, you can also secu­re a healt­hy level of growth for your company.

Excerpt from our health program:

Dis­tri­bu­ti­on pharmacy:

  • COVID-19 Anti­Gen Rapid Tests*
  • COVID-19 Anti­Kör­per Rapid Tests*
  • Elu- Lipa­cid
  • Macholdt Acti­ve Inhaler

Weko own brands/umbrella brand:

  • Umbrel­la brand WekoMed
  • Umbrel­la brand WekoWell
  • Umbrel­la brand WekoSan
  • Umbrel­la brand WekoKid
  • Umbrel­la brand WekoDerm

*Due to the cur­rent Coro­na pan­de­mic, we have focu­sed on this ran­ge of pro­ducts in terms of trans­pa­ren­cy. Need­less to say, all other pro­ducts are still ful­ly part of our over­all range.

With which weko pro­ducts your com­pa­ny goes into the future, you deci­de personally.

We will be hap­py to advi­se you in detail and com­pet­ent­ly on your indi­vi­du­al pos­si­bi­li­ties and rea­listic oppor­tu­nities in your very spe­ci­fic segment.

Becau­se your satis­fied cus­to­mers are our best reference.